down the rabbit warren of change


Talk about radical change. 3 crazy days of green juicing after watching “Fat, sick and nearly dead”, and my partner and I decided to become vegans. It was a wintry Saturday afternoon in Perth and we didn’t really have anything better to do at the time ( Perth critics would probably argue that there is never anything much better to do in Perth), so why not? We had an amazing vegan Indian takeaway meal that night with some vegan friends, and we were sold. It felt like a really great idea and a pretty cool challenge. It also felt like something was drawing me down the path. I was clearly looking for change, and when you look you usually find!

I felt amazing in the honeymoon period of transition, but after a couple of months my mind and body began to buck against the idea of never eating dairy and eggs again, so I converted to vegetarianism (ovo-lacto) and sat in that food genre for a while. I was made to feel pretty fickle by quite a few friends, but when you are on a journey you don’t want to settle just to conform, as easy as that might have been. Some people travel…I was slowly working my way through a range of dietary belief systems, but as I’ve come to realise, it’s just a label, it’s not a fixed thing. It does make it slightly easier for most people to work out what you may or may not eat – but it can be dynamic until you’ve discovered the right thing for you, and it doesn’t define you.

My vegetarianism lasted about 6 months, until after a fair amount of research and self analysis I decided that vegetarianism was not going to be sustainable for me either. I was turning down another path, a complete 180. It was a shift towards traditional food. I had started eating raw dairy, reading Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and researching Weston A Price. Oh, and as is often the case in these life changing scenarios, I was inspired. I had met 2 very lovely and incredibly knowledgable women in my realm, and once you start sharing information and knowledge, a process which could have taken me many years was seriously fast tracked. I was on my way, and it felt very right.


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