Solomon’s Cafe in Highgate

Part of deciding that you are going to eat more consciously means that eating out can become a bit tricky, but I’m going to do my best to uncover some of Perth’s best real food eateries. Just for you!

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The first cab off my culinary rank is Solomon’s Cafe at 487 Beaufort Street Highgate. I heard owner Paul Reid speak recently and I really appreciated the simplicity of his ethos. A cafe for all eating ‘denominations’.  I loved the religious analogy. I can remember as a kid having a major issue with the fact that there were so many religious denominations. My particular problem was within the Christian faith. How can you have so many fractured pieces of one religion? Perhaps if I am feeling inclined on a “Slow” Sunday I can delve a bit deeper into that one. Living a slow life is definitely about nourishing the soul so I am sure a religious post could feature here somehow….

Back to Solomon’s. The cafe is slotted in between Jackson’s and Elmars, and is a long, narrow, industrial space with an uber groovy vibe. There is a lovely open area at the back, away from the bustle of the street and it has a small courtyard attached with quite unique wall hanging ‘woollybags’ with herbs (the bags below represent the view from the loo!). The cafe specialises in organic, unprocessed, dairy and gluten free food, and caters to carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, paleo. coeliacs, raw foodists, GAPS followers (which is currently moi) and as a friend at my book club said last week, and “normal” people too…which I thought was hilarious.

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The menu has everything from meat and fish to risottos, salads and even a raw zucchini noodle pasta dish. There’s sprouted nacho chips, and an array of raw sweet treats. I came for breakfast with a friend a few days ago, and we both had the carnivore classic breakfast which included nitrate free bacon, chicken koftas, poached eggs and a grilled tomato and greens on almond pumpkin toast. The meal was fantastic, with the only exception being that we both noticed that the bacon had a very dry unusual texture, which I think may actually be unique to nitrate free bacon. My kids have made similar comments about the bacon I serve at home. Those nitrates obviously do more than just make it pink! We shared a liver love juice which was amazing and also tried the ginger kombucha they serve, which I would put up there with the best ginger beer of all time. Big call I know, but saying that about a drink which was made from some tea and a scoby (fermenting fungus) is really saying something. As an avid fermenter, it has been on my list to get some kombucha going, for a while now, and this was all the inspiration I needed. Beautiful.

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It was a really relaxed place to hang out, with reggae rhythms drifting through. Paul Reid (the owner) is actually a very well known hip hop artist, so I am wondering if the music ever amps right up. It is a really cool place…I could imagine that happening..


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