beautiful probiotic fizzy pop!

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Well there is much excitement in my house this morning after some developments in the fermenting cupboard. The other day a friend gave me a taste of some of her water kefir which she had flavoured with fresh ginger. It was beautiful. It was like a rich syrupy ginger beer, and you know how I feel about ginger beer! 3 out of the 4 children present at the tasting thought it was magical. The 4th, my harshest critic, wasn’t so enthused but anyway… my friend shared the kefir grains with me. This is another magical part about kefir grains – they grow, and then you share them.

Read about the probiotic content of water kefir grains here. The grains can be bought in a dehydrated form online if you don’t know of a good source. They consume sugar which you add to filtered water and each time you strain the grains from the water (every couple of days), you replace the grains into a fresh sugar water mix and they do it all over again. The number of grains slowly grows so that your volume of production increases, or you can share the grains amongst your friends. The potency of the bacteria in water kefir is not as great as milk kefir, but the advantage is that it’s good for those not into dairy, and it tastes amazing so you can consume larger amounts of it.

So I put mine in sugar and water a few days ago, and today we have a litre of magical bubbly wondrousness to which I’ve just added lemon and ginger.  We have to wait a couple more days for the flavour to infuse, and then we will have a delicious probiotic fizzy drink. I am hoping the lemon will sway the consensus.


7 thoughts on “beautiful probiotic fizzy pop!

  1. Hi Michelle, aren’t kefir grains awesome!?
    I have just found your blog, as I went on a search for some like minded bloggers.. I have enjoyed what I have read thus far here in yours 🙂

    I have been brewing raw milk kefir for years now, turning it into soft cheese and also using up the whey in smoothies and as an active ingredient in my vege cultures.
    My Mum makes some delightful fizzy drinks with her water grains.. the list is endless as to the flavours that can be made.
    I have recently began a journey into kombucha, another health giving beverage!

    I look forward to reading more from you Michelle.
    Cheers.. Jaacey

  2. Hi Jaacey,
    Thanks for your comments. Sounds like we might be like-minded hippies on opposite sides of the country! I get so excited about fermenting stuff. Have been doing raw milk kefir and sauerkraut for a while, and recently made a cracker of a fermented salmon. A good friend is just about to start up some kombucha too, so I will be nabbing some of her scoby when she’s ready to share. It makes me feel like I’m back in science class! I am very jealous of what sounds like real farm activities at your place…we are well and truly in suburbia here. There are chickens coming soon though, so I will have to research Araucanian chooks.
    Great to hear from you, Michelle

  3. Wow fermented salmon, I haven’t done that one.. must look into it 🙂
    I am really enjoying my kombucha creations atm.. fermenting is a lot of fun & very addictive I find.
    I have had my Araucana’s for many years now, I love them & would feel lost without them 🙂
    I am on 2 acres, not really a farm as such.. currently being transformed into a food forest 🙂
    Sorry for my late reply Michelle!

    • A two acre food forest sounds great! We are on just under 800m2 and I have plans to extend the vege patch further and further. At the moment it isn’t that big. Hey thanks for joining me again! Michelle

  4. This sounds fascinating! I went to a workshop on fermented foods recently, but have yet to actually put any of it into practice. It’s a little scary maybe, playing with live cultures, but I clearly just need to take the plunge…

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