10 Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

As a follow up to yesterday’s hot box yoga post, I thought I would add this little piece from Tori, a Bikram yoga instructor who writes at Views from the podium.

Views from the Podium

  1. I think everyone, and I mean, everyone, looks about 8 years old when they put their hands over their head for the first time in class in Half Moon Pose.  It’s this vulnerability that reminds me that on any given day we showed up to give it our all and do the best we can with what we have in that moment.
  2. Sometimes while I’m on the podium I feel like it’s extra hot in the room, but I would never say that to you as you are practicing.  If I do, I know you will start to notice the heat and feel extra hot as well.
  3. Every single student has a posture that when they are able to achieve it I will be completely overwhelmed, tear up, and feel an immense amount of gratitude to be a witness to their process.  These are also the most amazing moments…

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