smelly armpits and changing your life


It’s interesting the way certain changes happen in life. Sometimes it can be just as interesting to examine the things you don’t change. I went away with a friend and a posse of our kids at the beginning of last year. This friend and I each have a Mother with Altzheimers. We also have loads of other things in common, including a fairly consuming interest in wellness.

She must have noticed my conventional deodorant in my toilet bag in the bathroom, and asked me whether I’d considered using a natural one. One without aluminium in it..and I had, quite a few years ago, but my experiences had not been particularly inspiring. In short, they didn’t work, and if anything I smelt worse after using them. I felt as though my body had a sort of weird chemical reaction to unconventional deodorants, the result of which can only be described as putrid. But even with that memory, my friend’s question stuck in my head. Here I was changing pretty much every part of my life, and I hadn’t bothered to re-visit getting rid of a product full of chemicals and crap, which I plastered on my armpits every morning. A product which was being absorbed through my skin, with all those unpronounceable ingredients, including Aluminium (very closely linked to Altzheimers) being sucked straight into my lymph system and general circulation. I felt really stupid, but I guess it was just part of the process of working my way through my life, one step at a time. This is how change has to happen. The fact that deodorant wasn’t something I looked at changing straight away suggests to me that I was always going to need a bit of a push on the subject…enter my friend.

Anyway, I began a quest to discover an alternative. And there are loads on the market, and some of them are still terrible, but after a bit of searching, I discovered a winner. One that really works for me, and it marked the beginning of a complete change in my bathroom cabinet. My next step will be mixing my own deodorant from bicarb, coconut oil and an essential oil to make my armpits sing. I’m not quite sure how it will stay together, how I will apply it, or how effective it will be, but these days I surprise myself almost on a daily basis with how easy it is to make everything from scratch. This in itself is something which a couple of years ago would not have even entered my consciousness. I guess that’s why they call it a journey.


2 thoughts on “smelly armpits and changing your life

  1. Please tell me how this works. I tried the Crystal deodorant, aluminum free, but it was wet and sticky and nobody in the family liked it. I’d love to make the switch but I’m a scaredy-cat unless someone else does it first. ;O)

  2. Hi Laura, I think it’s just a matter of trying them out till you find one that really suits your body! The brand I am using is called Fresca and is a local Western Australian natural deodorant. My partner is yet to find one which suits him. He’s tried a tea tree one which he said was awful, and Deo-nat, a crystal deodorant which he didn’t really like either. If you are interested you can buy Fresca online and it has free international shipping if you buy 3 or more deodorants.

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