an Easter techno detox


It’s holiday time, and my little family and I are going away for Easter. We are heading to the “deep” south of Western Australia, to Walpole and Denmark for some chill out time on the water (we are taking a little tinny), and some neck straining from looking up into the majestic canopies of the beautiful tall trees in the Valley of the Giants. I can’t wait. School holidays hold a real sense of magic for me, and I want to pass that magic on to my kids. I have such beautiful clear memories of my own simple family holiday adventures. We almost always went camping somewhere, or trekked across the desert to see our extended family in a small obscure town in South Australia.

One of the things which is quite different today about really getting away, is the possibility of staying continually connected to our devices. Since starting this blog, I have actually gone from very low device use, to being a fairly heavy user. My partner, who is a confessed internet addict, has commented that my screen time is now higher than his, and that is really saying something. So I have decided that I am going to join the momentum of the moment, and have a technology detox until after Easter and see how it feels.

Will the world end? Will my email inbox overflow all over the carpet? Will I miss a major life changing development on Facebook? Will my twitter account implode from lack of use? I don’t think so. I don’t really use twitter much anyway, but the main issue will most likely be in my head. What’s happening out there???

But for a slow living gal, my recent love affair with technology and social media seems to have created a bizarre paradox. It completely absorbs me at times, preventing more meaningful and “real” connections from happening. It makes me busy in a crazy unreal kind of way. I find myself making repeated and quite unnecessary checks of each area of communication. Site stats, emails, facebook and twitter. So by doing this detox, it will be like rebooting myself into a less intense relationship with screens.

Starting my blog was quite overwhelming, but that newness is passing now, and I need to find a slower, more natural approach to managing my screen time. A way which sits well with my chosen lifestyle, and doesn’t interfere as much with normal life. So I will be gone for a week! A beautiful peaceful week. Maybe you might like to try a techno detox of your own!


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