chicken coop envy


I really want chickens. It’s been on my ‘unwritten list of things I want in life as a homesteader’ for absolutely ages. I’ve got a townhouse living friend who has been reminding me ever since she got a whiff of the idea we might get chooks, to get a wriggle on because she wants to rent a space for a couple of her own! But it keeps getting put off. With a FIFO partner who is also studying when he’s at home, lots of my fantasy projects around the house take a really really long time to come to fruition. Neither of us are particularly handy. Creative, yes. Inspired, yes…but handy, sadly not.

The other day I visited a friend who lives nearby. Our kids were playing in her backyard, and when I was attempting to round them up to take them home, my friend’s husband casually asked me if I had seen their new chicken coop. No, I said, I hadn’t, trying to keep my voice calm, I’d LOVE to see it…and I was not disappointed. It was magnificent! A beautiful full sized ‘humans can stand up inside’ chicken coop, made out of all sorts of recycled, up-cycled, verge collected and totally repaired coolness.

How on earth had it come to BE so quickly. I knew they have wanted chooks for a really long time, longer than me, but I hadn’t heard anything about the project starting and now it was complete. The chickens arrived yesterday! Apparently a friend of theirs had been staying with them and the entire project was accelerated to completion over last weekend. My friend’s husband is a very handy, bower bird type character. So he just had to buy a bit of wood from Bunnings, and the pair of them must have ‘knocked it all together’, and the whole thing sprung to life. I feel like it’s thrown me into a spin. I LOVE their coop. I definitely wouldn’t have described myself as an envious person, but I am experiencing serious coop envy. ‘Research and build chicken coop’ has been scratched from the useless unwritten list of life wants, and transferred to the the very real, see it every single day, kitchen blackboard list of things to do. Fingers crossed…






10 thoughts on “chicken coop envy

    • It seems like such a big job but when someone manages to pull it off in a weekend…well, anything is possible! Great to hear from you Allyson. You have reminded me that it’s on my to-do list to check out your blog. I think I’ll do it right now!

  1. You would laugh if you saw our chickens then! You can use all sorts of things and they will be very happy as long as they have room. They are easy to look after and the eggs are the best. Cx

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