Mother’s Day

imageI used to always write in my Mum’s Mothers Day card, “to the best mum in the entire universe”, because she is, and I always wanted her to know. Now as her memory slips, it gets harder and harder to know how to really connect on days like today, which have essentially lost their meaning. So I am sending her this.

Dad, please read this to my beautiful Mum.

Mum, I love you today and every day. You are the best role model I could ever have had as a Mother, and I aim as high as I can to try and be to my boys what you are to me. I have absolutely no recollection of you ever losing your temper, and I can’t say I’ve managed that so far. I do say that “I’m very cross” a fair bit, a phrase which only enters your vocabulary once you are a Mother I think, but I also hear myself echoing many of the great Mum things you used to say, and I never thought I would. Each day for me as a Mum, I think about how you did it, and it makes me try that little bit harder to honour the gift you gave me, of a happy, peaceful and meaningful childhood. I love you Mum and I have known every day of my life that you love me too. You are the best Mum in the universe!

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12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    • Hi Zanni, you have much more of a chance of receiving a letter from daughters than I will have from sons!! I haven’t managed to write anything for a Sunday post before, but will definitely join you again. Thank you. Mx

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