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I probably should have put a bit more thought into tying all of the minimalist thoughts I’ve been having lately into one cool sounding chunk of time…like ‘Minimalist May’, but here we are, and it’s a slightly less flowing ‘Minimalist June’. Big first of June drum roll…as today is the kick off of the Minimalist Challenge. Day 1, and I have the ponderous task of deciding which single item will hit the bin/kerb/recycling. The easiest day of the challenge. Stay with me!

Over the last week as I’ve been harping on about reducing the clutter around us to help create calm and clarity in our inner worlds, it has occurred to me that it’s probably just as (if not more) important to look at the emotional clutter we have inside of us, which stops us from achieving our full potential as peaceful humans. It’s all very well having a completely zen like abode, but if your brain is in overdrive with worry, or showering you with negative thoughts, then your peace is unlikely to be sustained.

Personally, I think I waste a lot of energy getting caught up in the emotions of others. If someone close to me is unhappy or being negative, it really saps my positive energy. I start thinking and saying, “Why are you being so negative? Why are you whinging so much?” etc….and I can feel myself slipping to a less than content place, unhappy that my own happiness has been imposed upon. But most often, it just is what it is, and it’s my response to it which is counterproductive to the peaceful headspace I’m seeking.

So this is something I plan to work on this month. Consciously not allowing the occasional (or not so occasional) unhappiness of others to penetrate my mood. Letting them BE however they are, and for whatever reason they are, accepting their momentary unhappiness rather than absorbing it. Just letting it be.

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8 thoughts on “minimalist mind

    • Interesting. I just googled and watched a video of an EFT practitioner tapping. I have heard of tapping before, but have never explored it. It could also be really useful for some people close to me as well. Thanks Sonia.

  1. I very much agree that you need an inner calm, as well as being in an environment of clarity. When I first started my process to contentment, I thought I’d start on my house and ‘fix’ all the problems there. It is a big job! I’ve found working on my inner problems has meant that I focus less on the outer issues. Thus my Forgiveness Challenge.

    • That’s good. Mine doesn’t really either but I’d still like to lessen the impact. I have one son who is fairly challenging emotionally at times. Sometimes I try and meditate while he’s melting down about something!

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