come play on Western Australia Day







Foundation Day, June 1 represents the day the Swan River Colony was first settled in 1829. The day was controversially renamed Western Australia Day in 2012.

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18 thoughts on “come play on Western Australia Day

  1. Happy Western Australia Day! Are the kids working on some sort of indigenous art? (looks like their customary dot painting – and looks great fun) 🙂

  2. It is a community dot painting which was coordinated by a local aboriginal artist. She had done a beautiful pattern with swirling colours as the base. She then finishes it with borders around each section to highlight each part. My boys were there at the end of the day. It was stunning.

  3. I saw those spots being set up when we were in the city over the weekend. We stayed in on the Monday though so didn’t get a chance to see it all in action. Thanks for sharing these snapshots. Sounds like a lovely long weekend. Too bad the next one is a long time away. Sigh.

    • We so rarely go into the city, and the boys just love it. They love the train ride, everything. To be honest I didn’t realise there was going to be quite so much going on that day as there was until we were on the train, and it was packed. Then I googled WA Day celebrations and discovered!

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