raw food experiments


It was my birthday last week, and I had a great week with friends and family as we ambled through a fabulous festival of ‘Me’ which stretched out over 8 days. I know some people do a month, and I think that’s fantastic if you can sustain it, but for me a week to 10 days is just perfect.

And seeing as though I am in the midst of getting rid of a lot of my excess possessions at the moment, my friends and family were very thoughtful in not overloading me with “stuff”. One of my sisters was concerned that any gifts I received would end up going straight in the bin…so she bought me lunch instead, which was just lovely.

One of the festival outings last week included a trip to The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle, which is an uber groovy raw food joint, which has a lovely store, runs raw cooking classes and also has a yoga space (could it get any groovier?).

I’ve eaten there once before, and I was seriously impressed with a pasta dish. This time I had the Pad Thai, as did almost all of my birthday companions, and it was beautiful. I made quite a large statement at lunch, that I thought I could eat this kind of Pad Thai every day. Obviously I can’t eat out every day, and so the experiments have begun to recreate the dish. I will post the recipe when it’s perfect, but until then, I think I will need to go to The Raw Kitchen at least weekly to savour the flavours and work out exactly how to make it. Alternatively I could do one of their raw cooking classes…but hey that’s making it all too easy.

So I made a raw Pad Thai for dinner last night, and my partner loved it. This is a pretty major breakthrough considering that less than a year ago he stated “I am never going RAW,” at a dinner party where I served a raw avocado lime tart. He was in a panic because I had loaned a book about Raw Cooking from a friend, and in his wild imagination he envisaged his life of cooked food slipping away from him! He’s also a “soup is NOT a real meal” kind of guy, so I was pretty impressed with him last night. It was my first meatless Monday attempt in ages, and it was a great success.

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16 thoughts on “raw food experiments

  1. You birthday week sounds great and your presents thoughtful. My friends know I’m pretty much always up ‘to do rather than have’ for my presents and this we are gradually replacing with ‘your presence is present enough’, I think these are stages in life your grow into.
    Like others I am intrigued by the raw Pad Thai recipe and in answer to which one – the easiest one to make of course. I’m waaay too busy in June for anything complicated! 🙂
    Wren x

  2. Hi Jenny, you are busy I know! I bet there are some cool raw food places to check out in Melbourne. It’d be hard to sustain through the winter though I think. And yes I think birthdays are great as you get older and they become simpler in terms of expectations. It’s good.

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! Raw food really interests me. I have a friend who is a raw vegan chef and she makes some amazing creations.

    • Yes I think it’s really interesting too. I’ve been making raw desserts for a while but not mains. A lot of the dishes are just really imaginative. The base for the sauce I made for pad thai was made of cashew nut butter and coconut oil. So really different and also nutrient dense.

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