minimalist june


The impact of my minimalist challenge has been slightly noticeable in the house after just 7 days. I’ve focused on a couple of spaces so that I do feel as though it’s making a difference, and they definitely feel clearer. The actual decision of what to move out each day has been quite simple, and I love the feeling I get as the pile by the front door builds and there is a shift in the feeling of cleanliness and organisation exuding from the spaces I’ve touched so far.

The major coup of the week has been the decision to add the microwave to the pile. I moved it into the laundry about 6 months ago after realising we had no space for it in the kitchen, and I’d also stopped using it long before that. My partner occasionally uses it now, but it’s been less and less of late. So I asked him if he would consider letting me ditch it, and he just said yes…and I feel very happy about getting rid of an appliance I never felt entirely comfortable about using in the first place. So it goes on the pile tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “minimalist june

    • Oh that’s hilarious! My partner is away so I should have just thrown his stuff away. It does feel so good, doesn’t it? I have also been inspired by one of your other June challenges, I started a 30 day Abs challenge on June 1. We are on a challenge-athon!!

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