start as you mean to go on

This morning in Perth. Photo courtesy of Erica Daneel.

The calm before the storm. Photo courtesy of Erica Daneel.

I’ve mentioned before that I like to meditate in bed before I get up. It’s not actually the ideal place to meditate, but I persist because I find that if I don’t do it then, the chances of it happening before 10.30 at night are slim, and at that point of the day, the meditation becomes more like sleep. Point lost.

What I like about morning meditation, is that it sets the peace dial inside my head to high, and I feel as though it should stay there for most, if not all of the rest of the day…that’s the theory anyway. With centreing thoughts like “Abundance surrounds me” or “I am free” drifting though my mind as I face what can often be a fairly chaotic start to the day, there’s little room left for unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

I strongly believe that the energy you hold within you, has the potential to influence the energy of those around you, and is capable of generating either positive or negative group energy. It is actually impossible to control the energy that others bring to the metaphorical breakfast table, but it is always possible to take charge of my own. That’s why I feel that early morning practice is so important. Even if I’ve overslept and it’s going to make us late, I still do it, knowing that it will completely change the flow of my day.

On Thursday morning after a particularly deep meditation practice, without interruption and without a whisper of noise in the house, I was literally humming with good energy as I got out of bed. I made breakfast, packed school bags and my children for the first time in the history of my family, ate breakfast and got completely dressed without any form of encouragement from me. We all flowed, and it felt incredible. It was of course a one-off, and Friday was another story, BUT it was a small victory for positive energy advocates everywhere! If I bring the right energy with me, it means that I am less reactive to everything and everybody else. It makes me more resilient and less likely to absorb the negativity of those around me. I feel happier, and am more focused and efficient. The flow on effects seem to be limitless. It is without question the best use of 15 minutes in entire my day.

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18 thoughts on “start as you mean to go on

  1. I always feel more relaxed just by reading your posts, I can feel your warm positive energy from here 🙂 Maybe once we have finished our minimalist challenge we can make July meditation month?! I am still with you on our minimalist challenge which I love but next week is the make or break week…
    I think if it was me, I might need to tag on an extra couple of minutes meditation to get through it all!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

    • That’s very sweet. Yes we are really getting to the business end of the minimalist challenge aren’t we?! I did the maths this morning on what goes out in the next week, and it’s a lot!! One day at a time. I wonder if there is a meditation challenge already in existence? Sending extra positive energy your way, my cyber friend!

  2. Wow, what an empowering way to start the day and in a way – just the idea of it – fosters feel-good energy and vibes, and this ‘charged yet chilled’ aura will rub off onto those around you. It’s already rubbed off onto your readers!

  3. I also find on waking first thing in the morning (or afternoon after a post night shift sleep) the best time to meditate. Often just propped up in bed. I mostly like to do alternate nostril breathing as I can really focus on that but haven’t had much luck with anything else. What techniques do you use/focus on?

    • At the moment I follow Deepak Chopra with online meditation. It’s mantra focused. I use that and focus on my breath too. Sometimes I just deep breathe while I’m listening to Deepak speak and it puts me into a meditative state! His voice is amazing!

  4. Having dragged myself out of bed and reluctantly staggered toward the coffee machine this morning, I am going to take a leaf out of your book and try some meditation tomorrow morning. The calm before the storm!

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