the finish line is in sight


As week 3 of my minimalist challenge drew to a close on Saturday, I checked something which I’ve been consciously avoiding since I started. I did the maths. Up until day 21, I’ve managed to ditch 221 things. Yay me! Fantastic! In the final 9 days, yes 9 days…231 things will need to find their way out of our home. I am a bit overwhelmed by that number, but am just trying to focus on it as a day by day challenge.

So far I’ve already managed to clear a lot of areas in the house. Our house is very small, and as I’ve mentioned before, we are already practiced cullers. So the question of where next haunts me a bit at the end of each day. It’s like, YES I’ve done it, that feels really great, and then my mind drifts to the tougher challenge of the following day. But somehow each day a new opportunity for culling seems to present itself. I am waiting for that to happen today as I procrastinate and write about last week. A week of huge success as my home becomes a minimalist haven of clarity and peace…I can always dream.

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10 thoughts on “the finish line is in sight

  1. You and me too, on the homeward stretch and I had to laugh as I think we have the same Bakers Delight tin in the pile, did yours have Christmas mince pies in it too?!
    I have left the best for last, the study… thank goodness for rain all week that’s all I can say 🙂
    Got to dash!
    Wren x

    • Yay for us!! And I think it was a Bakers delight Christmas cake tin from about 3 years ago which has never been used, but you never know when you’ll need a tin right?! I think hanging on to cake tins was one of my Mums habits. I still have kids books, toys, the laundry and the shed to go. Good luck! Mx

  2. Wow that’s a lot of stuff! Go you! I’m a minimalist by default. I just don’t place value on many things, and I really crave that zen vibe. I even roll my up futon every morning to make the room clearer for my clear craving mind! Keep going! Surround yourself with space! Wide open space!

    • Thanks Ellie. Like all these things that are great for your mind, there really is no down side. I’d love to have one of those beds that pings up into the wall. It’d be like having a whole new room every day! Rolling up a futon is just like that too. We love space!!

  3. Good for you! There was a stage where I used to hoard, but now I like to cull every few months, especially toys!

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