on the home straight


Fortunately the last few big days of clearing out on my minimalist challenge have involved my partner sorting through his fairly immense wardrobe. This still counts I’m sure, even if it’s not actually me doing the ditching… I do feel as though the pressure has been off as he empties out shelf upon shelf of his unneeded clothes. I had to make the point that minimalism inferred that the discarded items wouldn’t simply be replaced!

One of the things which has surprised me with the challenge is that there is no end point. I have gone into areas that I’ve mercilessly culled just days before, and still managed to find things that really need to go. On top of this, every day I seem to uncover new untouched pockets of unneeded things. There is just so much stuff around us which sits there for years and years without purpose, gathering dust, cluttering our cupboards, our homes and our minds. Two years ago we did a renovation which effectively doubled the size of our bathroom but shrank our linen storage by two thirds. At the time I remember thinking we had made a huge mistake considering that our house has very little storage overall. But I got rid of 3 large garbage bins of unnecessary linen then, and surprisingly even more went this week. We have two sets of everything we need and that’s it.

My partner and I were triathletes in a past life, and one shelf of our old linen cupboard was filled with towels we’d received at the end of races. We’ve kept a few, but I’ve never missed one that went out in that first huge cull. Most things get kept for sentimental reasons, or just in case. For that unlikely occasion in the future where we think we may need it. But if something hasn’t been used consistently for a few years, the chances are it never will be.

I hope that the vast majority of the things which have exited our home during the challenge will find their way into the hands of someone who actually needs them right now. Our microwave has a planned new happy home where it will be genuinely needed, and lots of the kids summer clothes are heading to Bali soon for kids in need. There are piles of books for a young nephew and his future siblings. My favourite secondhand store in Fremantle, the ‘Save the Children’ store received all of our best kitchen off casts. Its a win win scenario. We get a clearer house, and someone else gets something they need, I hope….or thinks they need.


4 thoughts on “on the home straight

  1. I had to laugh as the same thing happened in our house, I went through my Daughters wardrobe and we threw away enough clothes to covered many days of chuck outs. Then my husband got into it, he threw away 9 golf balls and bought himself a new box of 12 golf balls, which is definitely not OK, so I added a new component that meant I needed to find an extra 12 things to throw away because of the new golf balls… I’ve become a right ‘Ditch Bitch’ and loving it!!
    Wren x

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