finished and starting again

The last 59 things for June

The last 59 things for June

My minimalist challenge is done, however…I did hint at the fact that I was having a few stray thoughts about continuing into the new month, just to see how far I could go.

Well I was having a bit of a text-a-thon with a good friend late last night, who was very much in the “I’m not going to commit to a full month of ditching” basket, back in May. But it seems she has not only embraced the concept and done an extraordinary amount of work clearing out her home throughout June, she also says that it feels so much better than she thought it would, and she has created some new house rules regarding what’s allowed into the house as well. Everything new must have a predetermined place and purpose. It sounds obvious, but if you really think about it, we do buy some things for no particular reason, and with no thought as to where they’ll eventually end up. This thought crosses my mind more often now as I think about my ageing parents. Dad has informally started his own continuous cull, and it’s an absolute necessity. It’s inevitable that you can’t hold on to all of your things forever, and you also can’t indiscriminately just keep buying…unless you want to end up on one of those desperate Hoarding shows on TV.

Often the main purpose of a purchase is to make us feel better in some strange sort of way. It’s the same reason we hold on to things. It’s a way of defining ourselves through our belongings. I am loved, I am beautiful, I have stunning clothes or I have a groovy kitchen. Sometimes the main purpose is to show that you have money, or at least you did have money before you bought the “thing”. The great part about minimalism is that it opens up the possibility of you becoming less focused on the “stuff” and more focused on the you and us. Everyone is all of those good things innately without having the possessions to prove it. I personally don’t have stunning clothes, but I am rich in spirit!

Anyway, this lovely friend did a bit of egging on, and I feel as though the gauntlet which was already half way to the ground anyway, has hit the earth. I’m going to drift through July ditching at my leisure knowing that each day it’s a choice I make.

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14 thoughts on “finished and starting again

  1. I am proud to say that I am the good friend mentioned in the blog. I am not ready yet to commit to minimalism as much as I would like quite yet, but reading the blog and talking about the process inspired me to declutter my house and life and I firmly believe by doing that I will declutter my mind and soul!
    The new rules in our house are starting to feel great and liberating and actually very exciting – to find out which corner is next in my house. I also like the idea of only buying something new if I know beforehand it’s place and function and use in the house! No more clutter! Thanks for helping me to free myself. Xx

  2. I have a bag hanging off a chair at the dining table for donations. Ever time I do the folding, I assess clothing and put it in the bag if needed. I often wander my house, the kitchen cupboards, children’s toys, our book collection, and just randomly pick items to donate. Most weeks I donate, one or two bags. Then I get to wander and purposely buy to fill a predetermined hole. It is so great decluttering. But, I am waiting to notice the cleaner, and clearer effects of my efforts. Living with children is not really conclusive to having and doing less.

  3. That’s a great idea, and oh so true about the kids thing. We had to secretly move stuff out of their areas and hide it otherwise it just went straight back! My youngest is a complete Bower bird and collects all manner of things, ready to build a nest at any moment!!

  4. I am planning some culling these school holidays and the kids will be involved (they just don’t know what’s in store for them once they come back from Grandma’s tomorrow). I’ll have to come up with a way to turn it into a game, but I’m definitely not going through their stuff on my own!

  5. So I don’t know if I have much of my stuff to cull, more of the kids, but it needs to be done because the less stuff we have the less stress and mess there needs to be cleaned away! Emily – visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  6. Love the philosophy behind the cull!

    BTW there was a house recently in Sydney that had hoarded so much the Council had to intervene and remove all the ‘stuff’ – it took weeks! And that’s with the professionals!?

  7. Wow-wee you youngsters take some keeping up with, and I was really proud of all my efforts last month!!! 🙂
    But you are right Michelle it gets in your blood, and I too have thought about continuing although I need a break. So I though I would try another month in August as I have areas yet to tackle. I’m off on holiday instead in July!!
    Massive thank you to you for your inspiration.
    Wren x

    • Right back at you! Thanks for the company along the way, it’s been really great. Hey how did your abs challenge go. Mine finished on about the 25th when I woke up with the worlds stiffest neck…abs feel quite good though. Was in agony for a day or two there. I should just pick up where I left off.

  8. Good on you. Since moving, and getting rid of so much clutter, I’m loathe to accumulate any more. I haven’t officially made any minimalist commitments, but I am leaning towards the idea of it…

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