to all the lovely bloggers out there…


Last week I received a Lovely Blog Award from Lee-Anne Walker, the writer behind Is it just me? Lee-Anne features regularly here with her beautifully thought out comments and her very welcome encouragement for my writing and my blog, which needs all the encouragement it can get. So thank you Lee-Anne.

Anyway, the Lovely Blog Award is an interbloggers virtual hug of sorts, where you write a list of random things about yourself, and then name some blogs that you find quite lovely out there in the blogosphere to pass the hug along to. It actually sounds more like a chain letter doesn’t it, but chain letters don’t have a great reputation, and what with all those bad things that can happen to you if you don’t pass it along, and all the pressure you feel…and this is not like that, it’s just a hug.

So here is my stuff, a snippet of my random unknowns, some things that make up bits of me. I’ll start with a soft one.

1. Sometimes my son’s artwork brings me to tears. I have beautifully artistic kids, especially my eldest who is super sensitive (which drives me a bit mad), and super creative (which is most likely linked to the bit that drives me a bit mad!). I’m not sure it will translate to creativity as an adult, but I’m hoping it will. I feel stupidly proud of his art and get quite emotional looking at it. It’s like, I made him and he did that, and THAT is amazing. It feels really big! I’ve even cried in front of his grade 1 teacher when she’s showed me pieces he’s done which have blown her away.

2. I have the spirit of a traveller inside of me. Up until the age of 38 I travelled constantly. I was married through my 20’s, and the marriage broke up for a number of reasons, but one very big reason was that I felt as though I was completely trapped in a cage and I needed to fly. So I did.

3. This is linked to number 2 and the travel thing. Through my 30’s I was entranced by an Israeli I met in Guatemala. We danced across many countries to see each other over the following 5 years, with our final hurrah in India. It was a wonderfully poetic and yet deeply flawed relationship, which was always destined to be a chapter and nothing more.

4. I almost sliced my sisters fingers off in a ‘last biscuit in the bickie barrel’ drama of high school days, home alone after school. It has been a source of much hilarity at family dinners as grown ups, but wasn’t mentioned to our parents until we were well into our thirties.

5. As a teenager, I was completely obsessed with David Bowie and Mark Lee (the other guy in Gallipoli – everyone loved Mel, but not me). There was almost no visible wall space or cupboard door space on my side of the room.

6. I was a really good swimmer until I was 12. I was always the fastest in my school. As soon as I hit the big pond of high school, I wasn’t quite so good, and I wasn’t quite so keen. Malira Bowden if you’re out there, you ruined my swimming dreams!

7. The last thing I’m going to say is that I find it almost impossible to break the rules of the road, which is generally not a bad thing. But there was a time in my life where if I needed to traverse an arrow on the road the wrong way…I just couldn’t do it!

There it is!
And to the recipients of the Lovely Blog Award, here you are,

Ellie from Slowishly
Druime from Snippets and Spirits
Deb from Home Life Simplified
and last but by no means least, Lisa from Random Acts of Zen

All of whom have beautiful blogs, which bring me serenity just by looking at them, and also this tremendous feeling of connectedness within my new, and marvellously strange cyber space.

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13 thoughts on “to all the lovely bloggers out there…

  1. Michelle it is funny how knowing random things about others suddenly gives you a sense of knowing them at a deep level. Whether random points be close to the heart and sensitive or not suddenly it like you let people in. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. Xndc

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for those delightful thanks! *sends virtual hug*

    I love your 7 random points – they’re so diverse and beautifully narrated.

    Checking out your links soon. 🙂

  3. We have a lot in common xx thanks for including me in your list. My oldest is an artist as well and from age 4 I had similar reactions to yours. I still post pics of her work and express my awe at her talent. Deb xx

  4. Thank you so much Michelle for your lovely virtual hug. I needed it and I am honoured to be tagged by you. I really loved reading about your adventures you must tell us more. I also love blogging for connecting with those who seem to “get you”. Keep writing your wonderful words !

  5. This is beautiful.
    I loved reading a bit more of your background.
    I was married at 22 so have yet to travel. I can relate to your need to fly and explore, though I hope that the opportunity to do so doesn’t come with the demise of my marriage.
    It is so brilliant that you recognised your next relationship as a chapter. There are so many people that come into our life that are exactly this. It can be hard to know this though. I wonder if you knew it to be a chapter during, or only after? Did this knowledge effect your morning its loss, of it it made that better?

    • Thank you Sarah, and I am sure you would know if your marriage was in a state of demise!! I think even at the beginning of the affair with the Israeli I knew it was going to be temporary. He was way too groovy for me, and during the time we knew each other, he also developed a penchant for illicit substances following what sounded like a pretty horrific two years of national service. I don’t think that ‘knowing’ this made the relationship any better or worse. I think that deep down I just knew all along. It was a great way of avoiding having a potentially more meaningful relationship. I was very sad about the fact that I had failed in marriage. I got past that feeling thank goodness, but having said that, I haven’t remarried…

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