finding your inner artist

Whale shark painting by Olivia Samec

Whale shark by Olivia Samec

The other day I listened to a talk by a man named Thomas Moore called Detoxing the Soul. It was part of an an international Detox Summit which was on all of last week. Moore made quite a few thought provoking comments, but something he said in his final summation really struck a chord with me. It was about connecting with your creative heart. He believes that everyone needs to discover their inner artist, and that everyone has one. It’s such a beautiful thought. In essence you are an incomplete soul if you are not expressing yourself creatively in some way. Playing music, creating art, growing things, designing stuff, taking photos, making beautiful food, the list is endless really. I often feel most creative in the kitchen and the garden, but for me, it’s writing which flows from my soul. I ‘get’ you Thomas Moore, and I agree wholeheartedly.

On Friday night, I went to the opening of an art exhibition in Fremantle showing the work of three local artists (including Olivia Samec). It was very cool. A heritage listed gallery with a great atmosphere, lined with amazing paintings and sculptures, champagne flowing and the buzz of an arty crowd. It got me thinking about something which has come up again and again in my mind since I started writing. When you choose a creative path, it is littered with unknowns. You bare your soul, you put yourself out there for all to see, and essentially all you want, is to be appreciated for what you produce. It is such a radically different way of life compared to the nine to five version. Uncertainty is always just hovering in the wings, but it’s obviously balanced with the joy of knowing you are doing something which you love.

When I was looking at the artwork in the gallery the other night, I saw the colours and the beauty in the art, but also the bravery of each artist behind the work. They have chosen to embrace their creative hearts completely, making creativity their life’s work. It is just so inspiring. It gives me hope that my own creative dreams are within reach, and that makes my heart and my soul sing.

Image used with permission of artist, Olivia Samec.

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16 thoughts on “finding your inner artist

  1. A lovely, eloquent post, Michelle. I like Thomas Moore’s whole ‘creative heart’ thing – it’s true – human beings need it and it doesn’t matter what area it’s in.
    “Uncertainty is always just hovering in the wings…” Just beautiful!

  2. I think people don’t let their creative side out in fear of judgment or failure. If you can find what you are passionate about and execute it without fear you’re doing really well. #teamiBOT

  3. What a lovely post! I totally agree with Thomas Moore and yourself. I myself seem to find my happy place when I am behind a camera taking photographs. I also like to dabble in art (of the painting, drawing and mosaic’ing kind). I love being around ‘arty farty’ people (my affectionate term for creative people) as I find them so open, brave and inspiring!! 🙂

  4. It’s an interesting post – I think a lot if fear comes not from fear of the judgement of others but fear that it won’t be good enough for ourselves

    • I think you are so right. I know that I feel so disappointed in myself if I produce something that I think isn’t that great. It isn’t about what others think, it’s that my standards have dropped and I’m not happy about it. Thomas Moore also made comments about perfectionism and what a toxic trait it is. Good to remember.

  5. I love the idea of connecting with you creative heart and that everyone has an inner artist. I have found it takes courage to connect with your creativity and can definitely be a work in progress for some.

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