with love from Bali

The villa in Sanur

The villa in Sanur

For me, and for most people I suspect, a holiday equals slow living at its glorious best. Days filled with oodles of space and nothingness. Swimming, sunshine, eating, reading and plenty of time for contemplation. For the past week, I’ve been doing just that with my family in Bali. I always find that when I stop completely, that contemplation leads me to ponder some of the tweaks I want to make to my regular life. Some of the tweaks are deeply personal, some are not. Some are just habits I’ve let drift away without thought.

In Bali, which has been our holiday place since we had our first son nearly 7 years ago, the aesthetics of the gardens, and the interior design of the buildings is so tranquil and enticing, that my thoughts inevitably drift towards how I can make our home and garden even more peaceful and beautiful. Our first 3 nights were spent in a villa in Sanur, which had a relatively compact garden surrounding a stunning blue tiled pool. Within that garden, there were 6 separate sitting areas, all different, all secluded, all draped in lush tropical greenness. Of course being able to grow tropical plants in a water rich region makes a huge difference to the feel of a space. I just happen to live in a desert, but none the less, I feel very inspired!

Amazing yoga space

Amazing yoga space

On our 4th day of holiday peacefulness, we moved to a resort in Seminyak, and each morning since, I have woken and done a yoga class. On the second morning as every muscle in my shoulders and arms screamed with pain, I realised that it’s been over 4 months since I stopped my regular yoga practice. I’ve been running a lot over the winter, and feeling good that two birds are being killed with one stone every time I hit the road with Bob, the ultimate slow living dog. His fitness is just as important to me as mine, especially as he ages, so I feel good when we run together. It’s also been a habit of 9 years which I cherish. We ‘talk’ a lot during each run. He barks madly at certain points of the route, and he smiles up at me happily as we run along. But my lower back is very tight from just running, and even some of the most simple yoga postures were hard to stretch into, after no practice for that long. I also feel that yoga helps to inject an extra session of meditation energy into my life. There’s no down side to doing it really, just time constraints. It’s something my ageing body needs me to factor in more regularly. So I will.

Slow living dog

Slow living dog

My last point of inspiration is about having fun. After an hour long game of ‘it’ in the pool today, I was reminded yet again that I need to get deeply involved with the kids and their play. The excitement they get from having us be a part of their games is so evident, and it isn’t going to be there forever.

The other person I need to make more time for fun with, is my man. We don’t go out very much together, often opting for date nights at home with a special dinner and a movie. I think that needs to change, with us exploring more of the cool and interesting stuff happening around Perth after dark. We are still stuck in the pattern of life we had when the boys were little babies, and the truth is that now we have a pair of young boys, who need to have interesting parents just as much as we need to BE interesting.

So after much contemplation, I have something to create, a habit to re-instate and a reminder to be playful with all of those around me. I love holidays.

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16 thoughts on “with love from Bali

  1. Breaks from routine are a great time to reflect and ponder on our everyday life. I’m glad that you found ways to reinvigorate and re invent yourself and family when you return home. All the best and ENJOY your lovely family time 🙂
    Alexa from Sydney, Australia

  2. It looks like you’re having the perfect ‘slow living holiday adventure’, Michelle. Beautiful. I know what you mean about running and its impact on the body (I’m worried about my ankles!) Mixing it up with yoga is a great idea.

    PS. You always feel going home from a lovely holiday but it’ll be good to see Bob. 🙂

  3. Oh how idyllic! So glad you’re taking some time to enjoy yourself. One friend of mine just returned from Bali and another heads there shortly, sounds divine! x

  4. What a fantastic holiday and no better place to reflect about life and your dreams and goals from here on in. I bet you don’t want to come home 🙂

  5. We also went to Bali recently (for the first time) and had a blast. It wasn’t a very slow living hols though! So much walking (getting lost) boozing and shopping! I didn’t get to do yoga which I wanted to but I did really enjoy some fantastic massages! Next time I will relax more, hopefully it’s soon 😊

    • We’ve been every year for the past 6 years and every time it’s been fantastic. I was at breaking point with a 3 month old and a 22 month old the first time we went, and I think it actually saved me. These days it’s so easy with the kids just wanting to swim all day.

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