this little piggy went to market

To market, to market. More than just great produce.

To market, to market. More than just great produce.

My little posse and I did our usual early morning trek to the South Fremantle Farmers Market on Sunday morning. It was a Fathers Day special, with lots of extra stalls selling loads of gorgeous stuff. I love our markets. I am inspired by something there every week, and I love that too, because in my heart, I have a twinkle of a dream. A creative one. Still well and truly sitting in the pipe dream department of dreams, but a shimmering little dream none the less.

On Sunday, there were two things that inspired me. The first was a girl selling a small range of fermented food, which was lovely. I got to taste a lot of it! Simple foods, perfectly packaged. I tried her organic kimchi and deliciously flavoured water kefir. We spoke briefly, and she told me a little bit about her path to production, something which really interests me, because it’s part of my dream. I feel like I’m fumbling along in my mind trying to work it all out, not really knowing where to head next. So it’s helpful to listen to people who have done it.

Just as we were about to leave her stand, someone asked a question about her food, and she said, “this is the missing link! Fermented foods are missing from our diets, and they’re so important, they should be at the top of the food pyramid,” or at the bottom depending which way you look at it! And it’s true. I love fermented food, and it’s fantastic to meet a passionate maker and spreader of the stuff.

The second point of inspiration on Sunday was at a stall where a woman had made a range of beautiful, bright and slightly hippyish outdoor cushions. Next to her stand was a blackboard, with a fairly long and quite lovely message about what each handcrafted piece actually contains. And it said, each item contains a small piece of the artist who created the goods. They contain love, and they contain soul, and when you buy something filled with these things, it can only bring you joy. On top of all this joy, with the ‘exchange’ comes the opportunity for the artist to create another beautiful thing, and another, and another.

So much inspiration, from my simple little farmers market.

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10 thoughts on “this little piggy went to market

  1. I saw this post on IBOT and it caught my eye because I just wrote a little piggy story too (which I’ll post on my blog soon). How cute are piggies? Especially when they’re snuffling about in mud. Your post reminds me that I need to get out to the Farmers’ Markets this weekend, such a great family experience 🙂

    Ps. Have you thought about writing for Slow Magazine??

    • Hi Lilani, there’s something about piggies and markets isn’t there?! I haven’t thought about writing for Slow Magazine, but that’s a great idea. I am trying to gain a bit of momentum with freelance writing (how did you know?) I will have to check it out.

  2. I love markets, but just not the time they are on around me, but then again the kids are up early so I actually have very few excuses!! I love the people at markets, they pour their heart and souls into the products and produce

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