slow spring cleaning

spring is sprung

spring is sprung

I am possibly not the best person in the world to be giving out spring cleaning advice, because it isn’t something I’ve had a lot of success with in the past. Every year of my adult life, I have made a plan to spring clean my home. It always starts really well, in a bit of a flurry of cleaning and organising actually, but by about the third week of September things usually fall into a bit of a hole. This year I’m doing things differently, by using the ideas and motivation of others to inspire me. I am also riding on the coat tails of my Minimalist Challenge success in July, and looking to take things even further. I feel as though this is my year to have an organised, minimalistic and clean home. The third week of September has been and gone, and I’m still going strong. So I thought I would share some of the ideas and tips which are helping me.

A lot of my inspiration has been sourced from a couple of my favourite blogs. The first is Jodi Wilson’s Practicing Simplicity, and her inspiring Spring cleaning guide. Jodi suggests starting at the front door. What a great idea. And don’t just clean, do something that will be uplifting every time you come home. Plant some fresh spring herbs just near the entrance of your home as well. How lovely! Why have I never considered such a practical approach to spring cleaning. Rather than simply working studiously from one room to the next, look at the high impact areas first, and work from there. You only ever tackle small bites of cleaning each day. It’s very low pressure, and the best part is that it works. After only a few weeks of doing less than 15 minutes most days, the house feels really different.

My next source of inspiration was Kitchn Cure Assignments from Apartment Therapy. It involves a 20 day kitchen organisation and cleaning challenge, which works on similar principles to the first, of small bites of cleaning. But it also incorporates minimalist ideals which push you to really assess the necessity of every thing you have. In the process of doing this, you also improve the functionality of each area of your kitchen. My kitchen is old and not that functional, but I have made some very simple changes which have completely altered the feel and workings of the room. I’ve also ditched lots of things which I couldn’t let go of 3 months ago.

Finally I am going to mention another blog which I peek at occasionally in an ‘I wonder if I could ever achieve this’ kind of way. It’s intense. When I read it, I imagine someone who has the most beautiful, clean, ‘show home’ type home. Someone who follows the plan to the letter every year in a completely disciplined way that I can only dream of. It is the Spring Cleaning Guide in A Bowlful of Lemons. It’s a 7 day spring cleaning regime. None of this spreading it over the whole of spring rubbish. Just get it done! Which I love the idea of, but it’s just never going to happen. There is preparation advice which involves preparing and freezing a weeks worth of meals, because you won’t have time to prepare food. You may not even have time to eat it. You will definitely not be able to squeeze this plan into 15 minutes a day. This is a full and hectic week of work…and I take my hat off, but it isn’t for me. I’ll be pottering throughout Spring with Jodi and The Kitchn Cure. Enjoying the process, and making my home more beautiful, as well as organised and cleanish.

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8 thoughts on “slow spring cleaning

  1. Some great links there. I don’t think I could go minimalist but I have been slowly decluttering and removing so much stuff from our house. Like who needs 10 sets of queen size sheets. Nope we don’t and they are very useful for others that really do need them.

  2. On the other side of the world we are entering Autumn which always feels, to me, like the season for cleaning. Getting my home ready for spending more time in it over the Autumn and Winter. I am with you on the taking my time approach I wouldn’t be able to just do it in a week, apart from anything else I would go stir crazy not going outside for long periods!

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