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I’m buzzing a bit today for a couple of reasons. One is that I’m on a juice fast and my brain seems to be zipping along a bit faster than usual. I was inspired by a friend to do the fast, and figured that the week running up to school holidays would be the perfect time for a serious detox effort. It has taken my mind off the school holidays, which is a great thing. I do find myself worrying a lot in the run up to them, only to find myself really enjoying them once they are upon me. The pattern of life in the holidays suits me to a tee. A loose schedule of nothingness you can either fill or not fill.

The other ‘buzzy’ thing in my world, is that MindBodyGreen has just run a piece I wrote. Besides some poetry I had published in an obscure university magazine, it’s the first thing I’ve ever written that’s been published. And I feel really proud. It’s been doctored quite heavily, and that was a surprise, but none the less, I am pleased with myself for starting to put my stuff out there, and getting to experience the joy as a writer, of seeing my name in print.

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16 thoughts on “i wrote for MindBodyGreen

  1. Good on you Michelle – and I like your idea of turning a cuppa into a tea party. I submitted something to Mind Body Green a while ago but never heard anything, but I have had half a dozen pieces published on Tiny Buddha (I reckon you should try it) and one piece on Do You Yoga site. I will have to try Mind Body Green again and get myself more ‘out there’ – I think once you do it you can get on a real roll.

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