summer dreams

memories of lazy Bali afternoons

memories of lazy Bali afternoons

The holidays here in Perth have seen a contrast of beautiful sunshine and wild rainy weather, which has meant an amazing variety of fun. Our mornings have been spent at the pool, afternoons filled with crafts, lego and scootering park trips. The peace of each day without much structure, is such a relief from the constraints of school and schedules. Holidays for me are the perfect time to practice what I preach, and live really slow.

The house is happy, as every sunny moment brings a glimmer of summertime, which is playing hide and seek just around the corner. I can’t wait.

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18 thoughts on “summer dreams

  1. We always go away to Brunswick Heads (northern NSW) for a week with my family in the last week of November – the countdown is on to that, and even though I worked in the school holidays, I can feel that summer feeling too. You paint a lovely picture.

  2. I am not at the school stage yet but on my days off we go slow. It is such a luxury to stay in pjs and follow the boys from one activity to the next. Sunshine is for going slow

  3. This is completely why we decided not to send the kids back to school in term 4. When we are all together, I can practice what I preach. I can teach my children our values. I have time and so much space that love becomes easier.

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