this precious life


Someone I know died yesterday. Not someone I know really well, but someone I know all the same. Up until I had my first child 7 years ago, we were both a part of the very close knit Perth triathlon community, as it was back then, and probably still is today. He was killed early yesterday morning whilst cycling, in a hit and run incident involving a driver who was most likely drunk. It is an absolute tragedy, and I want to say that the collective sadness of the whole Perth triathlon community, past and present, is welling up as I speak, with sadness over the loss of this lovely young man. My thoughts go out to his family, and to all of those who love him.

Life is such a gift. It shouldn’t just be times like this we remember to treat every moment as such.


5 thoughts on “this precious life

  1. Truely said. …life is a gift. …I feel too…my youngest sister passed one month ago.
    Many others too suffer loss.
    Thank you for your sentiments x

    • I too have lost family members in senseless road traffic accidents. The shock of it never leaves you, but if you can live every day as a gift to be truly treasured, then your time on this earth will be better spent.
      So beautifully put Michelle.
      My heart goes out to his family and you all.
      Wren x

  2. Condolences. Those of us in the running community and especially the long-distance running community sometimes foolishly feel invulnerable until something like this comes along to shock us back to our senses. Every day, every ride, every run, would best be treated as a gift. Sorry for your loss.

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