a peaceful practice


I read something inspiring a few days ago from Carrie Contey and Bernadette Noll’s Slow Family Living blog. It was a post called Resistance is Futile.

The practice is pure simplicity, and although it’s not really new to me, it’s also not something I’ve practiced, and until you really make something a habit, it isn’t a habit! So today I started practicing, and establishing the groundwork for it to become a habit in my life.

The principle is that every little thing which frustrates you, delays and holds you up in life is an opportunity to stop, to breathe and to really connect with your inner calm. Brilliant.

This afternoon as I sat in a photo printing shop, and was confronted by one delay after another, I just sucked in my breath, closed my eyes and savoured the moment. Instead of wasting time imagining a different moment for myself, or allowing frustration and anger to replace my peace, I just breathed. My 5 year old seemed to absorb my peace too, and just rested against my leg the entire time. I had a deadline, a huge list of things to do before the end of the day, but I just had to roll with it in a good way. The outcome was so positive. It’s completely obvious of course, but how often do we allow frustration to win. How often do we let our anxiety rise and consume the moment, or worse still take out our feelings of frustration on someone close to us. This is my newest habit, which I intend to practice constantly. I might even create some intentional delays just to cement the practice in my life.

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20 thoughts on “a peaceful practice

  1. This is a brilliant idea. In the past few days I have learnt to understand my daughter’s character by just observing her in action and letting it go without unnecessarily controlling every bit. I can adopt and twist it in that regard and allow the calm take over and observe. Thanks

  2. Oh my how very timely! I have been thinking this way recently and it is changing how I get through my day! I feel the more we resist the harder it becomes. My new mantra is to let it flow through me – whatever the moment, the thought, the feeling may be to no longer be the resistance that stops or blocks it – but to let it simply flow through. Amazing what a change it has made xx Josefa #teamIBOT

  3. I tend to be a go with the flow person anyway, it takes a lot to get me peeved off. I am also a day-dreamer so that probably passes the time too. So glad you & your child are insync.

    • I’ve always been a pretty laid back and patient person, but as I get older I find myself being less so, especially when I’m dealing with the more difficult aspects of parenting. I’m fine when there are no major external pressures but not so good when there is!

  4. I am very guilty of getting worked up and letting my anxiety take over. I had a bit of an upsetting incident yesterday and could feel the tears about to spill over. I stopped, let myself take a few deep breaths and then moved on. It’s amazing what it can do.

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