my Pinterest interest

should I be gazing at nature rather than absorbed in Pinterest...quite probably.

i should probably be gazing at nature rather than Pinterest…

I’ve recently discovered Pinterest, and I think I am in love. I am way behind the times I know. I was very slow to let Facebook into my life. There’s a definite lag as I examine each form of social media, gradually impart my trust, and then embrace it on some level. But this affair with Pinterest has swept me off my feet. With Facebook, I am still very wary, a little mistrustful. We will definitely always just be friends. Twitter confounds me completely. It just makes no sense to me whatsoever. Pinterest on the other hand, has captured my creative heart. Partly because it does make so much sense, and partly because it’s just so beautiful. It has a definite function, a purpose. It’s my very own beautiful filing cabinet for the internet, and you need a good filing system for the internet. Otherwise it’s too overwhelming. I find things I like, and then essentially catalogue them forever in a stunning format. I feel as though I’m being creative as I pin things, but the reality is that I am being inspired to BE creative.

A friend asked me about a month or so ago if I could link some of my favourite recipes to my blog. When I discovered Pinterest, I knew that this was the best way to do it. It might interest others, or perhaps even inspire.

So take a look. See what you think of my internet filing cabinet.
Here are my Pinterest boards.

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19 thoughts on “my Pinterest interest

  1. Nice boards, quite similar to mine but I don’t have any kid stuff. Love Pinterest, been pinning for a few years now. I often get carried away pinning but don’t go back and look at the pins often enough. 😫

  2. What a great way of describing Pinterest. I don’t use it myself much as my internet is rather limited but I can certainly see the attraction.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  3. Off to look at your boards. I am tempted to spend more time on Pinterest – it is so lovely, but in reality I’ve mainly pinned my own stuff I want to share. I put together some ideas for our bedroom a few weeks back and it was a great what to file&create at the same time. I don’t really like all the product stuff so much (unless I have a specific purpose in mind, although I can get lost in fashion every now and again) – I guess I see it as too much consumerism, but I love inspiring natural and travel images and good quotes.

  4. I’m not on Pinterest (I love twitter tho – but I like sport & it’s fab for that). I like your description of it though…

  5. Thanks for the link to your Pinterest page. I love Pinterest too, and feel the same way as you about Twitter – I got an account for a bit and promptly closed it soon after!

  6. I have purposely been trying to avoid the pinterest bug. I struggle just to manage Facebook for my blog as for twitter no idea. Like you I prefer amore visual platform. Happy pinning !!

  7. Oh deary me, Michelle what are you doing to me? 🙂 I adore the succinctness of Twitter, am proudly not into Facebook and have been frankly quite happily oblivious of Pinterest… Until now! Is there enough time in my life, although having seen your beautiful boards…maybe I should slow life down for an afternoon of pinning…
    To be continued…
    Wren x

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