balancing your energy

Saturday morning at Leighton Beach in Perth. Photo courtesy of the lovely Louise Bowles
Saturday morning at Leighton Beach, Perth. Photo courtesy of the lovely Louise Bowles

The high energy of the festive season generates such a buzz within my body and my mind. A lot of the energy translates as warmth and happiness, making me feel amazingly positive. But some of it (particularly the organisational pressure of the season), feels like a huge burden. There are often high expectations, crazy schedules, and deadlines wafting around what are essentially meant to be wonderful, relaxed, family celebrations.

I often try and talk myself out of the stress that I can, but as a yoga teacher said in a class yesterday, you can’t always change it, so you have to know how to balance it.

Finding the peace inside of yourself. Generating an opposing force to that consuming frenetic energy, by doing whatever it is that brings you calm, so that you can handle the heightened energy, but also enjoy the warmth and happiness of the season.

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17 thoughts on “balancing your energy

  1. It’s quite uncanny how similar our posts today are. Similar kind of photo – similar but not quite the same topic! lol I do feel stressed at this time of the year. Too much extra activity, too much to organise, busy shopping centres, spending too much money, eating too much food, and so on. I’m stepping off the whole treadmill soon, unplugging and going to the beach. Hopefully, I’ll then be feeling a whole lot better for Christmas 🙂

  2. I know that the only way to get through December unscathed is to be organised enough to take a moment and breathe occasionally, but that takes a bit more motivation than I’ve got at the moment!

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