spreading the friendship joy

The joy of friendship at 5

The joy of friendship at 5

Sometimes it takes a profound or life changing event to remind you of how special the people around you are. It’s very easy to become complacent, particularly with those you are closest to.

I was reminded of the impact of expressing your feelings about others today, by an incredibly articulate 7 year old.

My eldest son is quite artistic, and it’s something which is spoken about a lot amongst his classmates. He is an artist, they say. Here is what one special friend wrote in his birthday card.

“I hope your birthday is a magical art wonderland doing as many doodles as you want. For a person so artistic and only in year one, it is really impressive to see such art.
It is also sometimes kindness and for your passion you show to other children. You are a friend of kindness and someone good to play with. Have a great day!!!”

My son just smiled. I’m not sure he truly appreciated the complexity of the message (he’s artistic, but not that articulate), or comprehended the fact that it had been constructed by another boy his own age. I was completely blown away. There is something so special about others really liking your children. There is also something really magical about a person who can truly express their feelings, and make others feel so good by doing it. What a beautiful reminder.

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14 thoughts on “spreading the friendship joy

  1. What a gorgeous thing your son’s friend expressed. Recently, after taking Mr 5 to his prep orientation, we discovered that a boy he has made friends with at his daycare is going to the same school. I was talking to the grandmother about it and the young boy hugged my son after saying that he was so glad he would be in his class next year. The grandmother than shoved them apart and said ‘only poofs hug, you’re a man, you shake hands’. I told Mr 5 he could hug anyone he wanted, and it was nice to show care for our friends. I was just gobsmacked that the grandmother had expressed such a hate filled statement about two 5 year olds!

    • That is really sad, isn’t it. I’m going to encourage my boys to hug and kiss whoever they want for as long as they will. It’s something which is so beautiful and which disappears quite naturally as they become self conscious or as peer pressure kicks in. That’s just sad.

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