embrace the new year

The perfect writing companion

The perfect writing companion

The arrival of 2015 has got me really thinking. And my thoughts aren’t of resolutions I need to make, or habits I want to change. That’s what I do all year long really. I’ve been thinking more about how I want to live and feel this year.

I have an inkling that the next few months are going to present some fairly major challenges and changes for our family, and I want to simply enjoy the ride, and not get overwhelmed when life isn’t ticking along at the slow pace that I love.

The first change for the year is a fun one, and it’s happening at the end of January. It’s a wedding…my wedding. We’ve done it all back to front I know, but for some reason, right now, after a decade and two kids, it feels just right to wed. And it is marriage that has triggered my thought…my word…which encapsulates the way I want to live this year, and the next, and probably the year after that as well.

My word is Embrace.

I want to embrace life however it comes, with a happy heart and joie de vivre. If the magnitude of the change seems overwhelming, I want to feel comfortable chipping away at the base of the mountain, knowing I’ll get there eventually. I want to apply all of the principles of slow living that I’ve learnt so far, to a life which is moving at a hundred miles an hour around me. I want to embrace the joy of my family and friends, and every opportunity that swings my way…just embrace it. I want to embrace every challenge and everybody I love. Embrace everything! This will be my mantra for the year ahead.

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19 thoughts on “embrace the new year

  1. Congrats on your wedding – how cool! I adore weddings and I’m a huge advocate for marriage. I’m over the moon for you. Embrace is so perfect for you right now, I hope loads of opportunities come your way so you can embrace them endlessly! Best wishes as you prepare for your wedding too. x

  2. *popped over from Maxabella Loves ‘One Word’ link-up.

    Embrace was originally the word I was leaning towards before I chose ‘gentle’. Enjoy it! And enjoy your wedding, that’s a precious thing to embrace.


  3. Lovely…I think we’re in that stage of life where you realise theres no point in fighting everything that is thrown at you and that the wise thing to do is, stop, breathe and open your arms and heart wider…heres to a wonderful 2015!

  4. Congratulations – a wedding is a wonderful event and you’re in a good place to ’embrace’ all its challenges. 🙂 Happy new year and all the very best in your nuptials!

  5. Love your word! I think we could all benefit from embracing life more! All the best for the upcoming wedding, look forward to seeing some pics x

  6. OH I love this Michelle your word your wedding ! Very exiting. I am not married either two kids and 13 years later. Some day maybe. Very exciting celebration for you and your family no doubt. Embrace the Love x

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