happy in love

imageTwo little lovebirds sitting in a tree, well on a cake actually, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

We’ve had an interesting few weeks. We got married the Friday before last…which was very lovely. A few days later my ‘husband’ had a significant birthday, which we barely celebrated, and as the sun was setting on his day, our 7 year old fell from a tree and broke two bones in his arm.

Watching your child go under an anaesthetic would have to be right up there on the list of incredibly stressful life events. I think my background as an ICU nurse actually makes things worse. We coped…just. It was only a broken arm after all, and there are so many things to help you re-focus your perspective when you’re sitting in a childrens hospital. Our 7 year old shone with his courage and amazingly positive attitude. He actually enjoyed being in hospital. He was given cordial in the middle of the night, which was the absolute highlight of the experience for him.

It has been a stressful time. Organising a wedding predominantly over the school holidays. Managing to keep kids entertained as well, and doing it mostly solo. Getting married, and then the broken arm. My son has only just restarted school a day ago, as the break was very unstable and it wasn’t worth risking a bump.

I feel as though our post wedding high never happened, and emotionally I’ve been sitting in the paradoxical state of ‘happy in love’ and slightly lost, ever since our big day. But over the past few days, I’ve been grounding myself in what I love to do. I’ve been practicing my yoga, meditating, living slow with my bambinos, running, cooking, writing, digging in the earth, walking in nature, and making new plans for our home and garden (spending a bit too much time on Pinterest). As well as playing about a hundred games of Uno per day with a one-armed card ace.

My brother in law married us on the Friday before last, on a grassy lookout above the most amazing panoramic view of Perth’s Swan River that there is. He spoke beautifully and inspirationally. He spoke of our love having already survived what most newly weds can’t even begin to imagine, which is the challenges of life PC (post conception). We definitely have, and the challenges keep coming, but somehow I feel as though getting married has generated a late honeymoon phase. Mixed in amongst the formalities of marriage has come change. I feel more in love, strangely, considering we’ve been together for a decade. There is this strong sense that we’ve created something even more than we already had.

So here I sit, married, very happy in love, and gradually reconnecting with my centre as each day passes.

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25 thoughts on “happy in love

  1. Oh Michelle – Congratulations!! How wonderful to be so in love! 🙂 Not good that your little boy broke his arm though! I remember being in hospital as a kid to get my tonsils out and I loved it. They gave me ice-cream and jelly EVERY DAY!!

    • It’s hilarious the things that become the important part of the memory. My Mum came into hospital with a can of fanta for me after I had surgery aged 6. I’d never had it before and after the anaesthetic it probably wasn’t the best thing. I puked everywhere!

  2. Beautiful Michelle ! Congratulations on your wedding. It is really nice you feel happy in love. Really glad your boy is ok. Sounds like you have lots on but taking it slow will win the race. I saw both my boys put to sleep on the same day last year. It was a very strange feeling walking out of that operating room and leaving my precious cargo so vulnerable in strangers hands.

  3. First of all, congratulations on getting married!
    Secondly, sorry that it’s been a bit weird since then. Good on you though for maintaining such a positive attitude any way. That’s no doubt why you’ve already survived well thus far. 🙂

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