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Terry the turnip next to a good sized cabbage

This enormous turnip came out of our garden a while back. I didn’t really know what to do with it, so I left it in the ground to just keep growing and growing…subconsciously, I was hoping for an ad to pop up in the local paper saying something along the lines of, ‘Come and show your super-sized turnip at the local fair this weekend. Compete with the greatest turnip growers in the region’. The ad never came. The turnip kept growing, and becoming more and more woody and unpalatable by the day. It was so ridiculously large, that it became a fairground attraction in its own right, a daily source of amusement for the kids as it burst further and further from the ground.

Growing stuff is such a sweet pastime, and as the heat drifts out of the days here, I am feeling inspired again to be out there amongst it all, digging my hands into the earth, rebuilding the parched soil in the vegetable patch, and really getting things going again.

Trying to grow veges in the heat of the Perth summer is a tough gig. We’ve had an abundance of kale, rocket, celery and tomatoes, but not much else. I don’t think turnips will make it into the patch again this season…or ever again.

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16 thoughts on “growing stuff

  1. I was waiting for the story of where the mouse was the last on a long line of people and animals trying to pull out the turnip:). This turnip will be a memory maker for your family. I wonder how long it’s root will be when you finally pull it out!!!
    Enjoy your stint in the garden setting it up for the next growing season.
    I must say you have done well growing what you have in your heat.
    Alexa-asimplelife visiting from Sydney, Australia

  2. Terry the turnip is huge – the local show or a giveaway at the farmer’s markets,
    Do they even taste good (at all) that big ?

    I am so over waiting for my hub to build my permaculture garden *sob* , I don’t think I’ll plant turnips either.

  3. Wow terry is big. I don’t know what I’d do with such a turnip – I have made turnip cake but you use the Raikon? variety. We’ve just got a new batch of rocket going gang busters in our garden.

  4. Omg that is hysterical. I kept thinking- isn’t turnip a winter veg to roast up? I have no clue. It sounds like what you are growing actually works for best eating in the heat. I have a black thumb so no clue here I leave it t hubby and his champion green thumbs.

  5. Lol. That is one big turnip!!! My husband has accidentally started growing pumpkins and they’re getting quite big too. Veggies gone wild 😉

  6. I would like to be a vege grower we have a lovely patch out the back with weeds and grass growing in it. However gardening is at the bottom of my long list. I am hoping when the boys are a bit older and not needing me so much I can get out there and feel the soil between my fingers. Turnips a plenty in your place.

  7. Haha I remember reading the enormous turnip when I was little! They ate the one in the story but I don’t think it would have tasted that good! 😝 Our Vegi patch has done well this season too! Loads of herbs, spring onions, cherry toms and strawberrys mainly!

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