a moon of honey

There is slowing down, and then there is stopping altogether…all of the usual bits of life paused and gently reset.

Last week we flew home from our honeymoon, or our ‘moon of honey’ as my brother referred to it. And what an absolutely lovely concept the moon of honey is. The sweetness of new marriage, celebrated during the changing phases of the moon. Generally a full month of sweetness, before the reality of regular life seeps between you. When you consider how nurturing and healing pure ‘couple time’ can be, it’s clear that honeymoons are something which don’t happen often enough.

As we flew home, I decided quite unilaterally that we should make it an annual event. I haven’t formally announced my plan, but I’m not imagining much resistance, at least not from my husband. It was just so peaceful and rejuvenating. Perhaps that’s why people renew their vows regularly. To recapture the newness. To reconnect with the moon of honey feelings buried under stress and schedules. Perhaps. Or maybe it’s to amplify those positive feelings that can grow within a marriage, not allowing complacency to slip in and weaken the bonds of love. Either way, a wonderous thing.

Below is a taste of Desa Seni, a yoga resort in Canggu Bali, which we discovered and fell in love with.

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26 thoughts on “a moon of honey

  1. Oh wow, it looks swoonfully beautiful. Congratulations on your marriage 🙂 I think revisiting the honey moon annually is a perfect idea. It has been 8 years since mine and I would love to have that again.
    Dani @ sand has no home

  2. A moon of honey sounds lovely! My moon of honey was over 30 years ago now *sigh*. There is nothing new about my marriage! However, at the end of this month we are off to Tasmania on holiday – our first holiday without the kids for over 22 years!

  3. The MOON OF HONEY – this is awesome! I agree it should be an annual event. Congratulations! (stopping by with IBOT)

  4. t’s nearly 25 years since our honeymoon, such a special time. We went on a second honeymoon for our 20th wedding anniversary and dare I say it, it was better than the first. Now we are about to head off on a Mediterranean cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary – our 3rd honeymoon?

  5. What a beautiful moon of honey – just divine. We have our 20th wedding anniversary at the end of the month – just two nights in a quite hinterland getaway near Byron Bay – can’t wait. Although meantime I have a cruise to Sydney next week with my mum, sister, aunts and girl cousins, so that’s kind of exciting too.

  6. Sounds like an absolutely blissful moon of honey. I have very fond memories of our moon of honey. I think your idea of an annual event is a winner. I’ll put it to my husband tonight 😉 #teamIBOT

  7. Congrats on new marriage. You should try out Maui for your next honeymoon. It’s my favourite place on earth. Our honeymoon bombed in Thailand. I’ll always feel a bit ripped off by that. I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves. That yoga resort looks peaceful!

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