When my kids are playing games with their friends, like chasey or ‘it’ as they call it these days, they have a rule which didn’t exist when I was younger. You can go on a pause. Sometimes it involves a pole or a tree, sometimes it’s me. They grab hold of it, or me, and they get a break from the game, until they let go again.

Someone asked me a few days ago if I was still writing about slow living. I said that I was, but realised after the yes had slipped out, that I’ve been posting less and less frequently of late. I’m not exactly sure why. I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop blogging. It’s just happened. I’m still living slow. I’m still writing most days, but the urge to document my thoughts publicly seems to have diminished for now.

So I guess I’m on a pause…

I’m hanging on to my peaceful thoughts, keeping them close, until I’m ready to jot them down for others again. Hopefully some new creative doors will open in the meantime. The cogs are definitely turning.

Thank you…Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting, and for letting me know that you are out there and interested. It’s always a privelidge, and often a surprise to know that your work is being read.

13 thoughts on “pause

  1. Really glad to see you are still writing . Enjoy that pause ! . I went on an unplanned pause too. I dod that every so ofetn. I start to wonder what it is I am doing online. Then I come back refreshed and focused. I find the internet draining and its hard to be there all the time and make a big mark. So I retreat and enjoy the real life. 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

    1. Thank you Druime. I know exactly what you mean. Online life can be draining. I’m really enjoying reading everything else that’s out there right now. I do love to write though, and that won’t stop. Thank you for reading tonight! I will follow your blog to stay connected.

  2. Ah love your blog Michelle but you’ve got to do what feels right. Hope to read some more of your stuff in the future. TTFN 💗

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I just love a pause. Enjoy this pause and all that comes from it.

    I still have some of your archives to read through so I’ll catch up in the meantime 😉


  4. Blogging/social media can be such a hungry beast – whatever you give is never going to be enough. So, I think a pause and finding your own rhythm should be mandatory! I took some time off at the end of last year and the beginning of this year and it was just what I needed to get a fresh new perspective. Enjoy the white space!

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