the challenge of change

my little superstar
my little superstar

Next week I will be posting an interview I did recently with Leo Babauta, the absolute blogging legend behind Zen Habits. Today, here is a bit about change in our house.

I don’t know about other people, but I kind of like the challenge of change. So far the life changes I’ve made have only really impacted upon me, but about 4 weeks ago, I started something which I should have done a long time ago which has impacted on my kids. I have avoided doing it, because of the potential backlash. I just didn’t think it would work.

My eldest son is generally a peaceful, gentle kid, but he can also be really challenging. He gets quite angry, and is also extremely sensitive and emotional. There have been so many times when he has had me pulling my hair out with frustration over really simple things, like shoes…and wearing them, for example.

I am sensitive to gluten, so is one of my siblings, and I have suspected for a long time that he might be too. So I have cut out all of the gluten from his diet, just as a trial (cruel Mum I know). It’s been quite dramatic, but not because of the resistance I thought there would be. Quite the opposite. His dramatic behaviour seems to have tapered right off, and the occasionally angry kid I had, seems to have been replaced with a ridiculously happy one. He says he’s still angry, and then laughs himself silly.

The concept of adaptability is fundamental for people wanting to create new habits in their lives. I have been absolutely amazed by my 6 year olds adaptability. I certainly didn’t give him the credit that I should have for his ability to adapt. In essence, I’ve forced him to make a change which he wouldn’t personally choose. But he trusts me, and he trusts my motives, and now even he’s beginning to notice that he feels happier.

I am so used to making quite radical changes in my life. As an adult it’s easy to understand and want to make change which will improve your life, and yet as adults we are often less adaptable. With kids, well with mine anyway, it seems to be the reverse.

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