48 hours in Ubud




I wrote most of this a few weeks ago in the midst of our family holiday in Bali. I know it probably sounds a bit melodramatic, but I feel as though this brief, but very intense experience really changed me.

Here we go.

My idea of bliss is a yoga retreat. Imagine one of those magical locations in a tropical forest in the mountains, a huge open air bamboo hut, gentle mystical music drifting through the trees, tranquility infusing the air. Perfectly peaceful…bliss.

I’ve been green with envy in the past, when friends have announced they are off to Bali on a week long yoga retreat or detox of some sort. It’s a dream I’ve had for some time…and now I’ve done it. Mine wasn’t exactly a retreat, and it wasn’t exactly a week, but it was blissful all the same. I’m calling it my 48 hours in Ubud.

So it came to be…two happy yogis in the back of a Bluebird taxi, waving farewell to a gaggle of children and a pair of Dads. Heading to the mountains for an intensive yoga, meditation, food and relaxation camp. An extra special side trip to a family holiday, which fell serendipitously into place only a week before it actually happened.

We arrived at the beautiful home of one of my best friends an hour or so later. The house just happened to be essentially vacant while we were there, and it served as a fantastic base, and place to sleep. The same lovely friend had given me a detailed list of all of the best places to go, to eat, to drink and most importantly, very explicit directions to The Yoga Barn, a yoga Mecca in these parts. We went straight there, and essentially mapped out a plan to do as many yoga and meditation sessions as we could. We also booked in to see the Cranio-sacral therapist/healer my friend had raved about. I’ll be sharing some thoughts about that soon. So we sat, we ate, and then we started…and it was incredible.

I think a kind of honesty of the soul occurs when you focus so much of your energy on quietening down everything inside of you. There’s nothing but calm. The energy just flows…it doesn’t take any actual physical or mental energy. The experience of being a Mother is generally the antithesis of this. You become connected and tuned in to your little people, and aware of yourself, but not deeply connected to yourself. That’s my experience anyway.

Before kids, I wasn’t into meditation, and had limited yoga experience, so they are both relatively new interests for me. Doing both activities so intensely made me feel as though I was exploring a whole new part of myself in Ubud. I can’t really describe it adequately, but I’ll give it a try.

All of my senses were heightened. My intuition was heightened. I knew exactly how I was feeling, and what I wanted at every moment of the day. I knew exactly what I wanted in my life! It felt very raw, as though every thought I had was a small life epiphany. Truth flowed through me. No crap. Just pure, honest, truth. I was completely connected to who I really am, and acutely tuned in to my body, and my mind. Everything just felt so right. Now every time I meditate or practice yoga, it’s as though I’m building on something which started to evolve in Ubud. I’m still quite stunned by the fact that I continue to feel so transformed by a simple two day experience…but that’s just what happened.

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10 thoughts on “48 hours in Ubud

  1. I really love doing yoga – it takes you away from any worries and stresses giving you time to empty your mind. But getting to go on a retreat away from the family well that is truly wonderful.

  2. Wow! I’ve done yoga on and off for 15 years or more and meditated in some form or other for a little while now. I’ve never been to a retreat but I’m tempted. You’ve inspired me. I hope the benefits keep flowing for you. x

  3. This sounds like an incredible experience. I’ve been doing yoga classes for about two years now, and I’m still amazed how transformative that 90 mins on the mat can be each week.

  4. Michelle, just wow. It certainly sounds like a 48 hours that was meant to be! I think you described it beautifully. Have you spoken to any other yogi’s who have experienced similar feelings? I am relatively new to yoga and meditation and probably a long way from this type of experience. I do find the more I practice, the more I love it. Are you finding the experience is transforming you off the mat as well?

    1. I do feel as though my practice is much deeper since I’ve come home. There’s been a definite and lasting shift inside, but the intensity of the feelings at the time were probably simply being immersed in it completely. No distractions, no other life except just being there. Everyone at yoga barn looked as though they were having similar experiences. We were all as high as kites on yoga/meditation euphoria!! Unreal!!

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