kombucha mama!

Check out the scoby floating on the top in the jar. It already has a small baby floating underneath it.

Check out the scoby floating on the top in the jar. It already has a small baby floating underneath it.

Tonight I started the second ferment for my first brew of kombucha, and I feel like the proud parent to a little kombucha scoby baby. It’s been a bit of a journey to get to this point. It wasn’t as simple as the water kefir I’ve been making for about 6 months now. There’s a lot to learn. There are quite a few different methods and ideas about how it should be done. But I have managed to find a good source of kombucha information to follow, from The Wellness Mama, and I’ve set up a continuous kombucha system which at the moment will produce 4 litres of probiotic gorgeousness every week. I haven’t been able to keep up with the appetite of my family for fizzy drinks with water kefir, so I am hoping kombucha is just as big a hit. I’ve flavoured every litre I made tonight with something different. Bluberries, lemon, ginger and a mix of lemon and ginger, just to see which flavours work best. Another few days in the cupboard, and it’ll be fizzy, delicious and ready to drink.

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12 thoughts on “kombucha mama!

    • I can’t remember when I first heard about it. It wasn’t that long ago. A friend wanted to make some I think, and she’s the one who shared some of her scoby with me. I also started seeing (and tasting) commercial ones. There was even an organic juice guy at our local Eco fair who was selling a raw homemade one which was delicious.

  1. Yeah it’s pretty amazing. I heard recently that it is thought that the Korean consumption of kimchi protected the population almost entirely from succumbing to the Asian bird flu epidemic a few years back. There’s definitely something in this whole fermented food theory. It’s definitely fun to make. My kitchen is like a laboratory!!

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